How did the people of the Middle Colonies use their resources?

A blacksmith made things out of ironThe area known as the Middle Colonies had abundant natural resources, which allowed the colonist there to prosper.   The Middle Colonies has good soil and a longer growing season than New England.   Wheat and rye were the main crops grown by small farmers.    Near the low mountains of the region were waterfalls, which provided power to run flour mills [see the water wheel below].   The Middle Colonies became known as the "BreaWheatdbasket Colonies" because they exported flour to the other colonies.    The Middle Colonies also had some of the best natural harbors in the world, Philadelphia and New York.    These harbors made the merchants [people who buy and sell things] of the area prosperous.  The mountains of the west provided iron ore for iron workers.   Many used the trees of the area for ship-building and still others turned to fishing.Water wheel used to provide power